Personality = Preference?

A comment that our teacher made just then really made me scratch my head. It was relating to the Jim Twins, and how they both smoked Salem’s and drank Miller light; the question was, are these preferences a result of their similar personalities? And furthermore, do people with similar personality traits have similar preferences when it comes to consumables, clothing and decor? Ultimately, do certain personalities yield certain preferences? 

I think to a certain extent they do. With clothing, for example, social extroverts with outgoing and bright personalities may more often wear colourful/floral clothing than introverts who prefer their own company (although, this is purely based on experience/stereotypes and is not universal. I also want to acknowledge that these traits are not always separate). When it comes to food/other consumables I think other factors are more important. For example, if an adventurous and excitement-seeking person travels to Asia, he or she will be more likely to try the fried stingray than someone who is more reserved and comfortable with observing. With the Jim Twins, it’s probable that their preference for the same cigarettes and beer was a result of fashion: they may just have been the products that were commonly consumed by people of similar class/situation to the twins. Then again, it could be said that smokers and drinkers tend to be more hedonistic than others: is this a personality similarity between the twins? 

I’d love to hear what you all think of this idea, and if you think what I said is totally unjustified please let me know too. 


2 thoughts on “Personality = Preference?

  1. I am in the head-scratching business, as you know, and I’m glad you’ve been pondering this!
    Interesting point about food choices! Another example might be Person A, who makes a conscious effort to only buy free ranged eggs/chickens, could be assumed to score higher on characteristics such as compassion and kindness (at least to chickens).
    I really like how you drew out hedonism as the possible common characteristic out of the behaviours of drinking and smoking!

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