Are you narcissistic because you are not neurotic?

While doing my experiment report and thinking some thinks related to neuroticism’s effect on our personalities I stumbled upon this mind-bending thought. We often describe high-scoring neurotic personality traits quite easily, with things like ‘lack of self-confidence, prone to stress, anxiety and depression’ etc., but how can we describe the low-end of neuroticism? Vanity? Narcissism? Up-them-selves-ness? 

I feel that a low neuroticism score indicates that one understands his/her capabilities and has the ability to view his/herself from the ‘outside’, as if looking from above in a kind of self-examination. This implies that low-scorers don’t only know very well what they are capable of, but what they are not capable of also. Further, this theory supports the idea that highly neurotic people lack the ability to self-examine and determine the limits of their own capabilities, and it is this lack of knowledge that leads to the stress and anxiety associated with neurotic personalities. 

Please let me know what you think. Also, check out the article below if you’re at all interested. It’s good. 

Live long and prosper.


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